5/27 – 5/29 Bash for Cash

Turn Back the Clock:

1st – Jeremy Hinen from IN

2nd – Joey Braun from OH

3rd – Brady Allen from OH

Smash It Mini:

1st – Dillen Burger from PA

2nd – Cheyenne Burger from PA

3rd – Jordan Cox from OH

3 Man Prostock Team:

1st – Nasty Boyz Inc

2nd – Team War Racing

3rd – Black Flag Designs

Frank the Tank:

1st – Adrian Gilbert from NY

2nd – James Dicob from NY

3rd – Kaden Barney from NY

Maddog – Cody Kolosky from PA


1st – Tim Haniszewski from NY

2nd – Austen Jumper from PA

3rd – Jacob Lewczyk from NY

Maddog – Clayton Jumper from PA

Smash It Full:

1st – Joshua Dimmett from IN

2nd – Dennis White from NY

3rd – Zach Monteleone from OH

Maddog – Josh Owens from IN

Maddog – Ryan Walker from PA

Prostock Mini:

1st – Levi Tufts-Carnes from OH

2nd and Maddog – Sam Coffey from KY

3rd – Eric Wogoman from OH

Maddog – Shawn Reece from IN

Street Stock Full:

1st – Zach Pryor from OH

2nd – Tim Haniszewski from NY

3rd – Mason Peck from OH

Maddog – Jimmy Singleton from OH

Street Stock Mini:

1st – Tyler Owens from OH

2nd – Ethan Clifton from KY

3rd – Chris Zurcher from OH

Maddog – Carl Schiemer from NY

Maddog – Chris Seekman from OH

Maddog – Andy Vona from NY

Maddog – Tyler Karber from OH

Maddog – Will Jensen from OH

Street Stock Mini Van/Mini Truck/SUV:

1st – Aaron Anderson from OH

2nd – Steve Deal from OH

3rd – Collin Stewart from OH

Maddog – Frank Triplett from OH

Farm Truck:

1st – Andrew Arnold from PA

2nd and Maddog – Keith Mack from OH

3rd – Erik Davis from OH

Youth Mini:

1st – John Moore from IN

2nd – Jayden Johnson from KY

3rd – Hunter Johnson from IN

Maddog – Ricky Harner Jr from OH

Smith Metal Works Youth Full:

1st and Maddog – Kam Penwell from OH

2nd – Dylan Meyer from MI

3rd – Scotty Drevenak Jr from OH