4/27 Courthouse Crash

2 Man Street Stock Full Team:

1st – Team ME527: Richard Davis and Jeff Gregg

2nd – Team BNR: Bobby Rice and Dylan Blevins

3rd – Team All Fired Up: Mark Clifford Jr and Mark Clifford III

2 Man Street Stock Mini Team:

1st – Team OP: PJ Johnson and Joey Needham

2nd – Team Shake & Bake: Cody Passmore and Mikie Elmore

3rd – Team Grimsley: Issac and Isiah Grimsley

Street Stock Mini Van/Mini Truck/SUV:

1st – Daniel McIntosh Jr

2nd – Tyler Owens

3rd – Kyle Fields

Youth Mini:

1st – Richie Elston Jr

2nd – Mitch Adams

3rd – Tony Sexton